Excursion to Essaouira Beach

Trekking in Morocco: A day at Essaouira Beach.

Essaouira is divided into the Medina, the Mellah and the Kasbah. Enjoy exploring its beautiful city with lots of historic monuments and a cool beach.


The Day

The city of Essaouira stands between the Atlantic Sea and the dunes of the desert. The name comes from ‘Al Souirah’, which in Arabic means ‘’ small fortress sourrounded by walls”. This was the name given to the city in the 18th century. Until Morocco’s proclamation of independence in 1956, it was called Mogador.

On the day of your trip, we will pick you up at 8.00 in the morning from your hotel or riad. On our way there, we will go via the town of Chichaoua, which lies 75km from Marrakech on the Essouira road and is famous for (amongst other things) its carpets, that are usually a deep red and decorated with stylised animals and people. If you want to go to the famous Souk Market, remember that the market is on a Sunday.

Essaouira itself is surrounded by high walls and is divided by means of interior walls into three differentiated urban areas: the Medina, the Mellah and the Kasbah. There are many lovely gardens within the city, that form areas of welcome coolness.

The outstanding monuments here are the Marine Port constructed in 1769 with its old gun battery made in Spain. The sqala in the Kasbah is an impressive platform some 200 metres long and the sanctuary of Moulay Abd El Kader El Jilal is worth a visit.

There is also a splendid beach at Essaouira with fine sand and where the temperature is always mild because it is sheltered by the island in the bay.

At the end of the afternoon, we will finish our day trip by heading back to the city of Marrakech. The journey should take 3 hours in total.

The prices are as follows :
From 2 people to 4 people 80 euros p/p
From 5 people to 15 people 65 euros p/p

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