8 Day Trek in Jebel Sirwa

Trekking in Morocco: explore the volcanic formations of Jebel Sirwa.

Hike across the stunning Moroccan landscape for 8 days and bivouac under the stars in the High Atlas Mountains.


Jebel Sirwa is a volcano that links the Anti-Atlas to the High Atlas. Lying north-east of Taliouine, its peak is the highest point of the Anti-Atlas, at 3305 metres above sea level (ASL). The volcanic formations are impressive and the scenery en route diverse, ranging from mountain gorges and terraced fields to green plains and ancient Berber villages. Saffron is grown here and the Ait Ouaouzguite region is also well known for its beautiful carpets and rugs.

Day 1 : Marrakech

Meeting at the group hotel in Marrakech. Complimentary airport transfers are provided for clients arriving on this day. Depending on your arrival time you may have time to explore the old souk and heart of Marrakech.

Day 2 : Marrakech / Tamalakout

Our trekking tour starts when we set off for the southern slopes of the High Atlas mountains. After a 4 hour drive, we arrive in Tamalakout 1650m ASL where we meet our Berber muleteers. We’ll take a short stroll around the village in late afternoon.

We’ll stay in Tamalakout overnight, in a family house or “gite”.

Day 3 : Tamalakout / Aït Tigga

We’ll depart from Tamalakout and trek up to the beautiful desert plateau and then up to the summit of Siroua.

We’ll then camp overnight on the outskirts of the village of Aït Tigga at 1950 m ASL.

Day 4 : Aït Tigga / Idoughagh / Aït Ighmour / Tachaucht / Tisfeldalt

Our trekking tour will then take us to the ‘Agadir’, a 900 year-old granary building. We’ll pass through the villages of Idoughagh and Aït Ighmour (2200 m ASL), taking breaks when needed, and then ascend a steep windy path to cross the col of Tachaucht 2500 metres ASL.

We will bivouac overnight near Siroua. We will be trekking around 6-7 hours in total.

Day 5 : Siroua / Tikniwine / Iriri

Our trek will start early and get us to the summit of Siroua at 3305 metres just after lunch. Our descent will be via Tikniwine (The Twin Peaks) and we’ll reach the sheep-pens of Iriri at 2300 metres after 6 hours and 30 minutes of hiking.

Day 6 : Iriri / Msitalla / Tamazikht

We’ll trek east along the Tazoult and cross the Iriri Massif to get to the foot of Msitalla. From here the path is an easy hike until we arrive at our last bivouac, near the village of Tamazikht at 1730 metres.

Our trek today will be around 6 hours and 30 minutes.

Day 7 : Tamazikht / Marrakech

This is the final full day of your trekking tour and when you return to Marrakech, you can do as you please. We will transfer you to your hotel in the late afternoon.

Day 8 : Marrakech

Transfer to the airport for departure.

The prices are as follows :
From 2 peoples to 4 peoples 475 euros p/p
From 5 peoples to 15 peoples 390 euros p/p

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