Traverse the Tessaout High Valley to Telouat

Adventure Trek: visit the valleys of Morocco on this visually stunning trek.

Experience the Ouzoud Waterfall and the legendary kasbah at Telouat.


This is a beautful trek that leads from Ait Bougmmaz Valley to the Tessout Valley, and then around the shores of Lake Amda ‘n Ounghmar to the village of Tighouza.

Tighouza is quite close to the celebrated kasbah at Telouat and you will also get to spend some time at the stunning Ouzoud Waterfall.

Day 1 : Marrakech

You will arrive in Marrakech and transfer to your hotel or riad in the Medina.

Day 2 : Marrakech / Ouzoud Waterfall / Sebt Ait Bou Wolli / Roughelet

On our first full day of trekking, we will transfer from Marrakech to the beautiful waterfall at Ouzoud. You will have lots of oportunities to take photographs and to take in the amazing scenery.

After visiting the falls, we travel to Sebt Ait Bou Wolli at 1600 metres above sea level (ASL). From there we will trek along the Oued Abachekou and reach its southern bank by way of a small, low level footbridge located in a copse of willow and walnut trees. We will carry on heading south into the Assif Tifra Valley
until we reach Roughelet at 1895 metres ASL. Here we will camp for the night.

Day 3 : Roughelet / Amezi ‘n Ait Raffane

After breakfast the trail continues to climb from Roughelt, gently at first, through the delightful Assif ‘n Waqqa n’ Daghour gorge, before rising quite steeply in the final tages to cross the exposed Tizi ‘n Roughelt at 2860 metres. We will have beautiful views of the High Tessaout Valley along the way.

Finally, we will begin our long descent to Amezri and trek to our overnight stay at the guest house and camp site. The day will be around 5 or 6 hours of trekking.

Day 4 : Amezri / Ait Hamza / Ait Ali n Ittou

Today, we are in for a nice day of adventure and trekking. After breakfast, we start a gentle day’s hike that follows the course the High Tessaout from east to west. Our way will be lined with walnut trees and we’ll walk along the north bank of the Oued Tessaout.

Today, we will go through lots of Berber villages, Talat n’ Tazart, Imi ‘n Ikkis, Ichbakene and Ait Hamza.

Our trek will finish Ait Ali ‘n Ittou at 1825 metres above sea level where we will spend the night in the guest house.

Day 5 : Ait Ali ‘n Ittou / Megdaz / Tagourt

After breakfast we start out by trekking to Tagourt. From there we climb up toward Megdaz and then we’ll trek south into valley of the Assif ‘n Tifticht.

When we reach the village of Imziln we’ll continue to climb until we reach the lovely village Megdaz in the Tessouat Valley. Megdaz is 450 years old and more the 800 people live there. The houses, constructed with rich, red- brown earth , blend into the mountainside and the whole village provides a perfect example of traditional, organic Berber architecture. It is one of the largest villages in High Tessouat. Megdaz is likely to retain its reputation for being the most beautiful village in the Atlas Mountains.

After 4 hours trekking, we will be in Tagourt for overnight in camp site or at the guest house.

Day 6 : Taghourt / Oughmar Lake

Today will be a long day of trekking and hiking (up to 7 hours in total). After breakfast, we’ll start out on a route that twists and turns across remote terrain and over numerous small passes with little evidence of human settlement other than occasional azibs and summer pastures.

Nonetheless, for much of the day, the horizon is dominated by the impressive Jebel ‘n Anghomar (3610 metres above sea level) which bounds Tamda ‘n Ounghmar to the north.

We will eventually reach Tamda at 2679 metres for our overnight stay.

Day 7 : Tamda / Tighouza

After breakfast we start our trek again, passing many pastoral landscapes.

Eventually, you will see a small waterfall on the far (south) side of the valley, before you reach the first terraced gardens and the first house of the pleasant village of Tighza.
We will stay overnight here.

Day 8 : Marrakech

After breakfast we will head back to Marrakech with our transport.

On the way, we can take a break at Telouat kasbah for a visit, before we continue our trip to reach Ticheka pass at 2260 metres. By the afternoon, we will have arrived in the ‘Red Town’: Marrakech.

Day 9 : Marrakech

Transfer to the airport and return home.

The prices are as follows :
From 2 people to 4 people 570 Euros p/p
From 5 people to 15 people 515 Euros p/p

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