Trek in Amizmiz, the Valley of the Olives

Trekking in Morocco: Trek for 8 days through the Amizmiz Valley.

This trek is easy to do and would suit beginners. Discover the “crossed” villages and spend some time with the local Berbers.


Hike through the villages of the Amizmiz Plain on this 8 day trekking tour. On the way, you’ll visit a Berber village called Ait Zitoun known for its olive trees and then proceed on foot to Tizgui to enjoy the panoramic view of the plain of Haouz.
After Haouz, we’ll move on to Ait Ahmad, a village constructed entirely from clay and stones and experience the local lifestyle of the villagers. We’ll also visit Imin’Tala one of the largest and the most important of the “crossed” Berber villages.
Finally, our trek will take us to the city of Marrakech.

Day 1 : Marrakech

Arrive and transfer to hotel or riad.

Day 2: Marrakech

On the second day of your holiday you’ll have half a day to explore the sights and sounds of Marrakech with a sight-seeing tour and a free Moroccan lunch. After your lunch, you are free to do as you please.

Day 3 : Marrakech / Ait Zitoun

On the third day, we’ll start your trekking tour proper. We’ll transfer right to the foot of the Antlas Mountains where we will meet our mules and their muleteers. During the drive to Ait Zitoun, you’ll come across wonderful Moroccan countryside vistas, including fields of barley and farms where cereal is produced.

When we arrive in Ait Zitoun (a Berber village known for its olive trees in the Atlas Mountains), we’ll start a 3 hour hike, during which we will have our lunch. Eventually we will trek to our guesthouse, where we will stay the night. They will also provide our meal for us.

Day 4 : Ait Zitoun / Ait Ahmad

After breakfast, we continue our trekking tour toward the village of Tizgui, from where we will appreciate the beautiful panoramic view of the Haouz Plain and the Amizmiz region. 5 hours walk will take us across Ait Ahmad Pass and at its base we will discover a terrace farm and villages built into the mountain’s flank. We can eat our lunch along the way.

Eventually, we reach the village where we will stay the night in a ‘chez l’habitant’. The village is made from stones and clay and is built in the middle of a landscape made up of minerals, at 1200 m above sea level (ASL). Life here is based essentially on irrigation farming: fruit trees, cereals, vegetables and animal breeding.

Day 5 : Ait Ahmad / Imi n’Tala

In the morning we will continue trekking along the left bank of the Amizmiz River. We will be able to spend some time with the culture and life style of the Moroccan “crossed” villages: traditional farming, pastoral life and craft work.

We will have our lunch en route. After a 5 hour walk we will reach Imin’Tala a large Berber village and the most important of the “crossed” villages. It is situated on a mountain side and exposed to the right bank of the Amizmiz Valley which provides this place with rich agriculture. Unfortunately none of these villages have electricity nor water but inhabitants’ hospitality remains unparalelled.

We will arrive in the middle of the afternoon to the ‘chez l’habitant’ where will stay the night.

Day 6 : Imin’Tala / Forester House / Marrakech

We will trek for 4 hours before we reach Marrakech. En route, we will come across lots of villages built from clay.

According to the weather, the tour leader reserves the right to modify the itinerary for the security and comfort of the clients. Dinner and then back to your hotel or riad

Day 7 : Marrakech

You will have a day to spedn as you please in the vibrant city of Marrakech.

Day 8: Airport

The price is as follows:
From 2 peoples to 4 peoples 360 Euros p/p
From 5 peoples to 15 peoples 335 Euros p/p

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